This is a very rare 1991 Nissan Patrol (Y60) with 6 cylinders 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine and 5 speed manual transmission

I purchased this vehicle in July 2016 from a Polish couple who had to cut their American tour short. I drove it cross country and camped out in the top tent. It’s a tremendous vehicle and extremely fun. These cars are huge in Australia and you can find a lot of YouTube videos of them. I am selling because the engine turns over but does not start and I am not in the position to fix it, but I believe I know what the primary issue is.

A few months ago, I performed a coolant flush and replaced the fluid. I drove it around town and it worked perfect. A few weeks later, I planned a camping trip. 20 minutes into the drive, the temperature started to rise. I slowed down and tried to get to the next exit. Before I could make it, the radiator blew out. I was very close to the exit by then. So, I still tried to make it. A minute or so later, the engine lost its power and I had to tow it home. The most likely problems are a blown head gasket and maybe a cracked cylinder head. Purchasing these items along with supporting equipment would be ~$1500-$2000. This is based on my personal research and I have not had a professional mechanic look at it. I have already purchased brand new radiator hoses and radiator in anticipation of fixing it myself. With that being said, my price estimate is assuming nothing else is wrong with the engine, but these engines are known to be sturdy and reliable. The engine does turn over with no strange noises.

The vehicle comes with a spare wheel. The tire is brand new, but there is a hairline fracture in the wheel that would need to get either welded or the wheel replaced. The driver side rear window does not go down, but I know what needs to be done to fix it. The tool chest contains a lot of different replacement parts: brake pads, fuses, fluids, tools, filter, belts, and much more. The top tent, side awning, and solar panel all work perfectly. The dash is in metric. So, the speedometer is in kph and the odometer is in km. 246,000 km = 153,000 miles.

The vehicle was rebuilt in October and November 2015 to have it in perfect condition for an 18 month expedition around North and South America.

Everything that needed any repair or could potentially break during the trip was replaced or rebuilt:

  • new glow plugs
  • all new exhaust system
  • new timing belt with rollers and tensioner
  • new clutch
  • turbo charger rebuilt
  • fuel pump rebuilt
  • alternator rebuilt
  • new bearings in all wheels
  • all new copper brake pipes
  • new shocks
  • air conditioning cleaned and refilled with new coolant
  • new complete suspension bushing kit
  • new oils in gear box, reduction box and both differentials

Off road gear:

  • two heavy duty steel bumpers
  • front 12000lbs winch,
  • roof rack
  • hi-lift jack
  • two LED lights
  • 35 inch all terrain BFG’s with about 80% tread left
  • snatch block, few shackles
  • kinetic recovery rope 36 000lbs

Camping equipment:

  • 2 person roof top tent with annex room underneath
  • two plastic 20 liter (5 gallons)water tanks hanging on the back door
  • extra 100Ah gel deep cycle battery which powers all the camping devices and lights. It is charged by the solar panel and also by the alternator of the car. There is also a switch to discharge the battery separately from the car battery(you will never end up in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery)
  • 50W solar panel mounted on the roof
  • extra LED camping lights from the back and the side of the car
  • 1000 Watts 12v to 220v converter

Price: $10,000 <- click to see if it is still available

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